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Tricia Collins

In 1980 I found myself, by default working in a very busy channel 7 Newsroom - editing news stories for Teletext and not yet 18.  

The 90's and I had moved across through advertising into Drama - typing my first scripts for Rafferty's Rules. Then to Melbourne Via living in UK and Crawford Productions soon had me sitting in the Flying Doctors Script Department. 

A move over to Production departments and training as a Casting Director for Maura Faye - I now look back on having a credit in some form on TV or a Feature Film each year for the past 25 years and with my self test service am fortunate enough to be working across all current Productions in Australia and NZ.

I've juggled having a family and working, something that is also now changing with relaxed understanding work places finally on the landscape - and am a huge advocate for the rights of Young People and Children in our Industry and am proud to say I work in the Australian Film and Television Industry where I have watched a return to creators having their complete control on their vision currently working with a "Show-Runner" model - a believe we are returning to 'story' and 'cinematography' and most proudly that Integrity and Professionalism continue to shine through..

The next couple of years are setting up to be a very exciting and interesting time. 

I can't help myself and still take work as a Professional within the industry, on crew casting or co-ordinating on Feature films and TV shows. 

Tricia Collins

Tricia Collins


Neighbours, INXS Never Tear us Apart, The Frontier (Sony NBC), Little Oberon, Saddle Club 1-3, Boytown, Holly’s Heroes, Fergus McPhail, Conspiracy 365, Guinevere Jones, State Coroner...

Additional: Emo the Musical, Barracuda, Childhoods End, BFG, Pirates of the Carribean.

Art Director: 
MIss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears


Shantaram, Clickbait, The Gloaming, The Very Excellent Mr Dundee, The Cry, Whistleblower, Whitmore the ONJ story, True Story (Hamish & Andy), Picnic at Hanging Rock, Sisters. Leftovers HBO/WB

and a few more


...The Divorce, Spin Out, Ali's Wedding, I'Frankenstein, Patrick, The Menkoff Method, House Husbands, Pigs Breakfast, Slide Show, Law of the Land, Halifax, A Country Practice, Flying Doctors… 

If you know your politicians faces - I did a little bit of picture double casting for "Open Slather" - enjoy!!


Setting up a data base for a film or TV series of Extras is some of the most rewarding Casting I have ever done- setting a scene with background folk is truly an art, finding picture doubles, creating an overseas or historic genre - as I have in, LIttle Oberon where I filled Marysville with Twins and Pregnant women, Saddle Club where I cast a double for every rider,  INXS where I had to create every town on a perfume bottle spanning decades, from nudes to rock chicks, and up coming film Promised a 1970's depictation of Italian families in Melbourne, always within the constraints of costume and location requirements.  

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