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Tricia Collins

In 1980 I found myself, by default working in a very busy channel 7 Newsroom - editing news stories for Teletext and not yet 18.  

The 90's and I had moved across through advertising into Drama - typing my first scripts for Rafferty's Rules. Then to Melbourne Via living in UK and Crawford Productions soon had me sitting in the Flying Doctors Script Department. 

A move over to Production departments and training as a Casting Director for Maura Faye - I now look back on having a credit in some form on TV or a Feature Film each year for the past 30+ years and with my Agency and Legal Clearance service, am fortunate enough to be working across all current Productions in Australia and NZ.

I've juggled having a family and working, something that is also now changing with relaxed understanding work places finally on the landscape - and am a huge advocate for the rights of Young People and Children in our Industry and am proud to say I work in the Australian Film and Television Industry where I have watched a return to creators having their complete control on their vision currently working with a "Show-Runner" model - and believe we are returning to 'story' and 'cinematography' and most proudly that Integrity and Professionalism continue to shine through..

The next couple of years are setting up to be a very exciting and interesting time.

Tricia Collins

Tricia Collins


Neighbours, INXS Never Tear us Apart, The Frontier (Sony NBC), Little Oberon, Saddle Club 1-3, Boytown, Holly’s Heroes, Fergus McPhail, Conspiracy 365, Guinevere Jones, State Coroner...

Additional: Emo the Musical, Barracuda, Childhoods End, BFG, Pirates of the Carribean.

Art Director: 
MIss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears


La Brea, Shantaram, Clickbait, The Gloaming, The Very Excellent Mr Dundee, The Cry, Whistleblower, Whitmore the ONJ story, True Story (Hamish & Andy), Picnic at Hanging Rock, Sisters. Leftovers HBO/WB

and a few more


...The Divorce, Spin Out, Ali's Wedding, I'Frankenstein, Patrick, The Menkoff Method, House Husbands, Pigs Breakfast, Slide Show, Law of the Land, Halifax, A Country Practice, Flying Doctors… 

If you know your politicians faces - I did a little bit of picture double casting for "Open Slather" - enjoy!!


Setting up a data base for a film or TV series of Extras is some of the most rewarding Casting I have ever done- setting a scene with background folk is truly an art, finding picture doubles, creating an overseas or historic genre - as I have in, LIttle Oberon where I filled Marysville with Twins and Pregnant women, Saddle Club where I cast a double for every rider,  INXS where I had to create every town on a perfume bottle spanning decades, from nudes to rock chicks, and up coming film Promised a 1970's depictation of Italian families in Melbourne, always within the constraints of costume and location requirements.  

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