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Ah, the old 'Self Test'

The 'Self Test' is now the new audition room -

So how is it working out for you?

maxwell smart

There is only about 3 seconds for a Director / Producer to watch a set of auditions - they have their finger positioned over the 'next/forward' button - so do not waste that moment

RD Pearl of wisdom:  DO NOT WALK INTO FRAME!

If you are a veteran - you have 

wisely avoided these where ever possible, why wing it when you can be in a room with a Casting Director who has  been briefed by the Producers about your character, the story, the journey - why you are in the scene... but they are here to stay.

The pressure to 'perform' is one thing but we are not all 'filming crew', and to be honest, nor should we pretend to be. 


BUT here we are and it's not quite a scary as you think - as with all things PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.  

Skater kid feet with sneakers


Why not send us a self tape - it can be a monologue, a self test. It must be within 2 weeks old - and we will send you a positive appraisal

So you can do a Gap Filler on your skill set.

*Free offer can only be redeemed once

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