Ah, the old 'Self Test'

You have avoided these where ever possible, the pressure to 'perform' is one thing but we are not all 'filming crew', and to be honest, nor should we pretend to be.  BUT here we are and it's not quite a scary as you think - as with all things PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.  

The issue I have always had is that the performers who get into the room with a casting director have the advantage of their input in 'Directing the Casting' - this is not the case for the performer at home on their own. 

There is about 3 seconds for a Director / Producer to watch a set of auditions - they have their finger positioned over the 'next/forward' button - so do not waste that moment - DO NOT WALK INTO FRAME!! 

So, while I'm sitting in my own 'space' I'd love to give my coaching and feedback to you out there on your own 'faux self test'

Send me a link to info@trikatcasting.com to a vimeo link with password.

I'll come back to you with my POSITIVE but constructive professional advice.

remember - MEDIUM CLOSE UP SHOT - waist / elbows up

What is a medium Close up?

Medium close up shots - from the shoulders/chest area up to the top of the head; this shot is tighter than a medium shot, but slightly wider than a close up. This close up allows Producers/Directors to see the face of a performer, letting them see small nuances of behavior and emotion while eliciting a higher degree of identification and empathy; the slightly wider framing also lets body language convey meaning by the inclusion of a character’s shoulders. This shot is generally taken with a short camera to subject distance, resulting in a shallow depth of field.

1. LIGHTING - behind the camera and straight onto your face

2. CAMERA HEIGHT - straight at your face - no odd angles 

3. EYELINE - don't look down the barrel

4. TALK TO THE PARROT - look at the right or left of the of the lense, as close to the camera as possible

5. PERSON DELIVERING - lines to you to keep their voice soft and gentle - you are the auditionee - not them.

6. DO IT ONCE. WATCH IT. REPEAT. Keep it up until you would hire you

7. EMOTIONS - Try a couple of emotions / levels

8. ALSO DO A LONG SHOT - practice the long shot with your whole body in frame

9. 30sec to 1 min in length

10. Via VIMEO with a password protection.

So off you go - it can be a monologue, a self test you have sent out before - all will be highly confidential.
Send to me to info@trikatcasting.com.