Coaching is the answer.. 
- it's your career so you sit in the drivers seat 

Do you know what you need?
Here is the truth of it:  Many people can paint but how many can make a living from selling their paintings?  But then... how do you know if you don't try?
It is a very competitive artistic world out there.  With only 1% of Trained professional actors working at any time - Australia is not the 'hub' of film and tv production - but when it is  your turn - are you ready?
Your agent will put you up for professional paid work - they will look after your $ and put you
up for castings:
BUT can you?
  • Be sure your Self Test will be your best work?
  • Be prepped for screen tests/auditions, call backs, bookings and re-shoots
  • Continue to Identify as your needs in your training as an actor - there is always something to learn.
  • Self promote and keep on top of what sites you need presence on to be accessed by Casting Directors
  • Be sure what are they looking for in that Screen Test ?
  • Coaching gives you this - with you in the drivers seat of your career 
*Fees set at at $40 per half hour 

THANK YOU! Time to prep your chat to camera!